Saturday, May 19, 2007

Internet Marketing Not Your Thing? You Can Earn Money Without It!

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How does an individual make money on the internet? When I was a novice online, I must have tried every “opportunity” presented to me. Many were classic scams; however, there are legitimate businesses available. It is true, though, if you are going to operate a business the accepted adage is: you have to have money to make money. Most businesses will require some investment in order to advertise and be seen. These businesses require sales, and let’s face it, most of us are not salesmen.

My working background is in clerical work. I have always typed and provided customer service in my professional life outside the home. I began seeking work I could do on my personal computer after I had extensive spine surgery. After I had recovered enough, I wanted to feel productive and work again, but I needed a flexible schedule in order to rest or exercise as needed. I also did not drive and transportation was a problem. I wanted to “put my personal computer to work!“ as it says in the ads. I quickly discovered I do not have the patience nor skills to be a successful internet marketer.

There are many companies which now employ home based workers. However, I soon found that most of them require cold-calling and commission only work, or else need to train their employees in classroom environment first. This would not have worked out in my case.

Consider a couple of great pay per post/pay for social networking sites:

Do you have a talent for writing articles, stories, reviews, or poems? You can be paid for them at Associated Content!

At this time, Associated Content only accepts participants from the United States. However, another site, Constant Content does pay internationally.

Constant Content operates more like a clearinghouse, where they receive requests from website owners for content and match authors and articles with site owners.

There are many sites online who will pay for your original photos or graphics, as well as reviews or articles. Some have pages which you can also incentivize with Google Adsense or other advertising programs which will pay directly to you. Those sites will provide instructions for you on signing up for Adsense. Here are some suggestions:




Suite 101:

If you use your favorite search engine to do a search, you will find many other sites that will afford you a chance to display your freelance writing and/or photography and graphics, and be paid for it.

Your expertise may be in woodworking, candlemaking or in some other kind of craft. In that case, consider selling your item online through E-bay:

I'd love for you to join me in these fun free income sites. If I can give you any help with getting your own referrals, just let me know!

Sue H